Divine Creation by Lucy

By Lucy

Divine production is a special non secular counsel ebook, which supplies its readers with details and insights which can switch their lives. This e-book was once transferred via channeling from the beings of the ‘Galactic Center’.

In each point of existence, the instant you start asking ‘Why?’ and aren't getting any directly and logical solutions, it's time to cease and do a little rethinking.

The ebook solutions in basic and funny language the query ‘Who are we?’ in addition to different vital questions, comparable to:

• who's God, the author and what's the creation?
• How used to be lifestyles in the world created and the way was once guy created?
• Why we're right here and what's the aim of humanity within the universe?
• What are future, destiny and soul?
• What are heaven and hell and is there existence after loss of life?
• How are the biblical and dinosaur eras attached?
• What are the fundamental principles of the universe?

Many simple and crucial insights are provided during this publication, such as:

There by no means used to be and not could be a unmarried fact. you're all viewers for a short second at the face of the Earth. not anything used to be nor ever might be yours perpetually, except your freedom of choice.

Even your soul belongs to God. you can't die.

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The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley (The Weiser by Richard Kaczynski,James Wasserman

By Richard Kaczynski,James Wasserman

Shrouded in secret and false impression, Aleister Crowley is without doubt one of the twentieth century’s such a lot respected occult figures. With The Weiser Concise consultant to Aleister Crowley, readers are given a cautious, finished review of Crowley’s existence from poet to practising magician in addition to his life’s paintings, together with the fundamental ideas and rituals of his magical practices. put aside your preconceptions and brush aside the rumors. Crowley was once definitely a posh, debatable, and colourful guy, however the fact is way extra attention-grabbing than the legend.

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Magia amorosa: Guida alla seduzione occulta (Corso di magia by Nathaline Witch

By Nathaline Witch

Molto spesso in keeping with riuscire a conquistare l’oggetto del nostro desiderio abbiamo bisogno soltanto di un po’ di coraggio. Se a questo aggiungeremo il potere di filtri, pozioni e incantesimi d’amore, le nostre possibilità di successo aumenteranno a vista d’occhio. Ma, attenzione, l. a. magia illustrata da Nathaline Witch è magia bianca, lontana da fatture in grado di confondere il pensiero e attrarre con l’inganno.
Quelli svelati in questo quantity sono rituali propiziatori, come advert esempio scrivere il nome dell’amata su un biglietto da portare sempre legato al polso, o ricamare le iniziali dell’innamorato su un sacchetto di tela riempito con le giuste erbe. Tecniche antiche e sempre valide, da utilizzare anche oggi affinché tutto il magico potere della natura e i suoi influssi benefici ci aiutino a raggiungere e sedurre l. a. character according to l. a. quale ci struggiamo d’amore.

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A Dictionary of Western Alchemy by Jordan Stratford,Jeffrey S Kupperman

By Jordan Stratford,Jeffrey S Kupperman

From Arabic al-kimia (of Egypt) and previous Egyptian keme (black, fertile soil), alchemy is the traditional technology of parts and interactions in either the traditional and the religious geographical regions. Spanning 2,500 years and knowledgeable by way of airtight and Neoplatonist impacts, it's been practiced within the classical Greco-Roman international, medieval Europe and the medieval heart East and Orient, and as much as the current in esoteric circles. Alchemists have 3 major ambitions:

  • the transmutation of base metals into gold by way of the Lapis Philosophorum, the Philosopher's Stone;
  • the concoction of the Elixir of existence, a common medicine;
  • the reconciliation among spirit and subject and direct wisdom of the Divine

This concise dictionary of alchemy presents transparent entry to 1 of the most important roots of Western esoteric proposal. matters contain alchemical strategies and strategies, the traditional components and equipment used, significant practitioners and philosophers, and ideas and ideology. Distinguishing this consultant from related ones is the addition of etymology, connecting the language of alchemy to its Latin, Greek, and Arabic resources. Symbolic pictographs accompany 1/2 the over 400 entries, and a desirable representation from the lengthy culture of alchemical artwork introduces each one letter of the alphabet.

Most vital is the writer Jordan Stratford’s exact viewpoint as either a latest Gnostic priest and a Freemason. He additionally brings to endure vast wisdom of the intensity psychology of C. G. Jung, who established his key notion of individuation at the premise that what the traditional alchemists really sought used to be internal transformation.

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The Book of Ways: Volumes I & II by Raven Grimassi

By Raven Grimassi

A vintage textual content from the Golden age of Witchcraft The e-book of how Volumes 1 and a pair of often called "The Blue Books" by way of many!

TOOLS and logos: Initiation Symbols, present Or sleek Symbols, Symbols Of the weather, image Of The Age Of The Daughter, The area Pentagrams

PREPARATION OF THE instruments: The Moon Dagger, The Wand, The Chalice, The Altar Pentacle, The Spirit Bowl And the protecting Pentagram

RITUAL CORRESPONDENCES: Ritual concerns Of The Moon, Symbols, Days Of The Week, Planetary Symbols And affects, Lunar affects, Correspondences Of the times Of The Week, Planetary Symbols, Planetary Hour Chart, Occult Symbolism of colours, Candle Magic, Elemental Magic, Ritual Magic, Planetary shades, Incense (Aromatics), Planetary Symbols, Sacred bushes, The 4 Quarters, Elemental Spirits, Ruling Watchers Of The Quarters, The Circle Of Magic, the 3 levels, practise Of The Altar, the fundamental Bowls, The Altar Spirit Fluid, Activating the ability Upon The Altar, The Altar Calls, Consecration To the weather, beginning and shutting The Circle, Casting A Ritual Circle, The Gatherings (Or Sabbats), The Gestures And Positions Of strength, Ritual Salutations, Ritual Gestures, The Gesture Of Invocation

RECIPES AND formulation: The Witches’ Brew, Crescent muffins, Nectar

HOW to arrange fragrant OILS AND RECIPES: Venus Incense And Oil, sunlight Incense And Oil, Incense Of The Moon, solar God Incense, Moon Goddess Incense

PRACTICAL (APPLIED MAGIC): instruction Of Magical Moon Water, Elemental Condensers, Absorption And Projection Of components Magic: construction Of an easy idea shape, twine Magic (Solitary), crew wire Magic, Divination, Astral Projection, Psychometry, Drawing Down The Moon, Contacting energy, Grounding workout, elevating The power Sphere, power Bathing, Patching The air of secrecy Or Charging The strength Zones Of The physique, Spells And Little Works Of Magic, Preface To The Spells, The artwork Of Composing Verse For Evocation, A Spell Of The brain, Spells Of psychological impact, Spell Of The Moon, education Of The Nanta Bag, A Lemon Spell, protecting Pentagram Spell

HERBAL LORE AND SPELLS: the collection Of Herbs, The Occult homes Of Herbs, natural Love Spell

OCCULT basics: the primary Of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration Or Rhythm, Polarity And the primary Of reason And impression. the weather, The Watchers, Numerology, The Magic Of Numbers, Thought-Forms, The Akashic documents AND loads MORE!
express Less

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Chiffres et Formules Magiques: Pour vivre heureux au by Midaho

By Midaho

Nous avons déjà remarqué los angeles puissance des sons en activant les words et les mots magiques du livre « 24 Mots et words Magiques ». De nouveaux sons correspondent encore mieux à ces énergies et forment ainsi des mots nouveaux, des words magiques puisque ces sons nous amènent dans l'invisible, d'un element émetteur à un aspect récepteur, sans que nous en comprenions mentalement le fonctionnement. l. a. magie n'est rien d'autre que ce territoire inconnu où les énergies sont véhiculées par los angeles strength de l. a. pensée ou par l'intermédiaire de helps, sans que nous puissions le comprendre scientifiquement. Bien que, par certains côtés, los angeles body quantique s'approche de plus en plus de cette compréhension. Le mot «magie» n'aura plus, un jour, le sens mystérieux qu'il a aujourd'hui. Les magies négatives servent l'ombre et le non-amour, los angeles magie de Lumière sert l'Amour. Tous les mots et toutes les words qui vous sont proposés d'activer dans ce livre attirent des énergies positives d'Harmonie, de Lumière, d'Amour, pour garder une bonne santé, réussir, s'aimer, se protéger, débloquer des events, instaurer l'harmonie en soi et autour de soi, afin de mieux vivre, d'être plus heureux. Les chiffres et formules magiques de ce livre vous sont donnés dans ce yet, essayez et constatez.

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Angelic Forces by Marcus T Bottomley

By Marcus T Bottomley

INVOKING the aid of ANGELIC FORCES could be EFFECTUATED by way of people OF ANY faith OR CREED.
Originally released through Finbarr yet got via Starlight Books
ANGELIC FORCES: How they offer You well-being, early life, good looks and Love.

Within the key depths of your brain and the non secular energy of the Cosmos lays energy to reinforce your visual appeal, and attain riches and reputation. you could touch those powers during the aegis of the nice ANGELIC HOST.
Here, for the first actual time, is a publication dedicated solely to the topic of HEAVENLY ANGELS and the way they could support the reader in a pragmatic demeanour. subsequent to God the Heavenly Angels are possibly the main robust strength within the unseen universe. actually they're the energetic size of the Divine Will... the size that creates occasions, and fulfils the private needs of these magicians who invoke their aid.
This e-book is set the 7 maximum Angels and the way they could assist you, the reader. those are the good angelic personages usually alluded to within the Bible, and different scriptures. they're the mysterious forces supplicated via strong white magicians, and who gave aid and succor to the saints and holy males of the prior. they're THE strong BEINGS which can MAKE THE "SEEMINGLY very unlikely" occur - and will CREATE MIRACLES on your lifestyles AND on your BODY

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Tecniche di magia a distanza (Corso di magia pratica) by Guy O'Wen

By Guy O'Wen

l. a. nostra mente ha delle capacità straordinarie, che spesso trascuriamo perché non siamo in grado di utilizzarle. in step with chi voglia esercitare los angeles magia è in line withò impossibile avvicinarsi alle sue tecniche senza aver preso coscienza delle endless possibilità del proprio subconscio e della necessità di sperimentarle senza porsi limiti. Una volta «sbloccate», esse ci consentiranno di maturare una nuova sensibilità, indispensabile in line with praticare l. a. telepatia, l’autoipnosi, l’autosuggestione, los angeles guarigione a distanza, l. a. visualizzazione creativa e le altre «arti» descritte in questo libro.
Attraverso numerosi esercizi, man O’ Wen dà modo al lettore di verificare passo dopo passo los angeles validità degli insegnamenti illustrati, iniziando così una pratica sistematica della magia a distanza. Al termine di questo percorso chiunque sarà in grado di ascoltare i messaggi provenienti dal profondo del proprio essere, di fare del bene a chi gli è caro con il pensiero positivo e di ottenere un aiuto in line with rispondere alle domande e ai dubbi che si presentano nella vita di ogni giorno.

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Esoteric Freemasonry: Rituals & Practices for a Deeper by Jean-Louis de Biasi

By Jean-Louis de Biasi

Journey deeper into Freemasonry with Esoteric Freemasonry, Jean-Louis de Biasi's follow-up booklet to Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons. This robust publication indicates you ways to go into into your internal temple and achieve the traditional mysteries. realize hyperlinks again to Egyptian Masonry, helpful teachings and rituals that allow you to perform esoteric Freemasonry as a person, and lots more and plenty more.

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Haunted Roads of Western Pennsylvania (Haunted America) by Thomas White,Tony Lavorgne

By Thomas White,Tony Lavorgne

Ghostly tourists are stated to wander the lonely roads of western Pennsylvania. A creeping fog rises from Blue Mist street, and tales of auto crashes, lynchings or even unusual beasts hang-out this remoted stretch outdoor Pittsburgh. Is it the indignant spirit of a jealous husband or a gypsy king who stalks Erie County�s awl homicide hole? colours of dying highway in Washington County could be host to phantom coal miners killed in the course of a perilous exertions dispute. With firsthand debts and historic study, authors Thomas White and Tony Lavorgne commute the backcountry roads and byways of western Pennsylvania to find their ghost stories and mysterious legends.

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